State Senator Steve Cwodzinski Attends Board Meeting


Cwodzinski Portrait.jpg

Minnesota Jump$tart was fortunate to have Minnesota state senator Steve Cwodzinski attend the most recent Board meeting.  Steve spent time with our organization to give his views on current legislative priorities and answer questions about personal finance in the classroom.  Key observations and points made by Senator Cwodzinski included the following:

–          There can be challenges ensuring any new requirements fit into existing curriculums (e.g. if something is mandated, something else is likely to have to be removed);

–          Stated that individuals and organizations that would like to see personal finance taught in the classroom should contact their respective representatives in the legislature;

–          Recommended that Minnesota Jump$tart and other partner organizations continue to provide support to local classrooms and schools;

–          Highlighted that rallies at the Capitol are a great way to advocate for specific issues and connect with representatives in the legislature.

Minnesota Jump$tart would once again like to thank Senator Cwodzinski for taking the time to meet with us and answer our questions.  We wish him the best of luck as he continues to be strong advocate on behalf of Minnesota students in the legislature.

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