Minnesota Jump$tart Awards Two Scholarships to Attend Annual Jump$tart Conference

Minnesota Jump$tart is extremely proud to announce that it has awarded scholarships two scholarships to attend the annual Jump$tart Teacher’s Conference to two Minnesota teachers.  Recipients of the scholarships this year are Kyle Paulson from Rosemount High School and Kim DeLong from Murray County Central.

Kyle Paulson teaches Personal Money Management to approximately 250 students in grades 9-12 at Rosemount High School.  In the Personal Money Management class, Kyle helps his students work through personal finance concepts including, but not limited to Career Exploration, Budgeting / Checkbook Registry (if that isn’t a dying art), Personal Income Taxes, Banking, Insurance and Credit / Debt Management.

Kyle is looking to build on the creativity that he brings to the classroom through activities including guest speakers, field trips and simulations and is hopeful that the Jump$tart Conference will provide him with additional resources.  Kyle is hoping to better his understanding other resources are available, network with finance professionals and other teachers and further his knowledge and understanding in areas where my students struggle most (credit, and budgeting).  In addition, Kyle hopes to learn about new materials, simulations and projects that can be used in the classroom to further engage students.

Kim DeLong teaches a variety of courses including Personal Finance, Business Economics, Senior Transitions, Business Management and yearbook at Murray County Central that incorporate elements of personal finance.  Through this wide assortment of classes, Kim has been able to introduce concepts such as saving, budgeting, credit / debt, supply and demand, markets, taxes, entrepreneurship and business operations to her students.  Kim has even taught her Yearbook students to treat the creation of the annual yearbook as a business, including selling ads to raise revenue, thinking through creative solutions to be able to offer the yearbook at the lowest possible price while ensuring the overall project at least breaks even.

Looking ahead to the Jump$tart Conference, Kim is excited to meet representatives that are promoting and providing curriculum, as well as to have the opportunity to get hands on experience with a variety of resources before introducing new material to students.  Kim is also hopeful that attendance will provide her with additional resources to pursue her ultimate goal, which is to have her district require personal finance as a graduation requirement. Financial literacy is not discussed in every home.

We hope that attendance at the conference will meet both Kyle and Kim’s expectations and that they will be better equipped as they continue to do their great work in their respective classrooms.