Minnesota Jump$tart and Congressman Emmer Educate Rocori High School Students on the Importance of Financial Literacy


This month, MN Jump$tart Board member, Stephanie Musgrove, and her colleague at Affinity Plus, Kate Austad, taught a financial literacy session alongside Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) for a Current Event class at Rocori High School in Cold Spring, MN. Musgrove and Austad facilitated a discussion on banking options and how students can protect themselves from unethical banking practices; the importance of saving early and saving often; and how to make smart and informed decisions about taking on student loans.

Congressman Emmer shared some of his own personal stories to help the students better understand the importance of learning about managing their money, including some of the decisions his children made and how he and his wife tried to prepare their children for responsible money management.

Congressman Emmer is a strong supporter of financial education and he encouraged financial literacy and the importance of saving for the future with these students. “I appreciated the opportunity to work with industry experts, like the impressive individuals from Affinity Plus, to encourage Rocori High School students to look toward their future. Whether you are saving for your education, a house, retirement, or even just a vacation, planning and preparation is crucial to not only individual success, but also for the future of this nation. I applaud these efforts within our communities to educate our leaders of tomorrow about fiscal responsibility and am hopeful for the future of these bright students.”

Financial education is a collaborative effort between schools, local businesses and community organizations, and legislators, and this joint effort at Rocori High School is an example of that. To learn more about how to bring financial education to your school, contact one of the Jump$tart Board members.

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