Back to……High School?!?!?

IMG_0696.JPG  IMG_0697

Today, MN Jump$tart participated in a session of Junior Achievement’s Personal Finance in a Day at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis.  We were welcomed into Mr. Yarbrough’s home room class that was filled with 17 energetic young men in the school’s Junior class.  Topics discussed included:

Work Experience – Student’s work history included a barbershop, Wendy’s and a Sports Media Assistant;

Importance of Education – All students said they plan to finish high school and about 2/3 of the class plan on pursuing some form of higher education;

Budgeting – The majority of class participants had experiencing managing money, whether it be in the form of a paycheck or allowance.  One student even shared a great story of being given $100 and a grocery list and the challenges he faced at the store.

Savings / Paying Yourself First – Students shared several stories about saving money for shoes, clothes, iPhone, etc.  Some students are even saving money just to have some…..we’ll call that an emergency fund!

The session was capped off with a game where small groups of students worked together to make budget decisions that individuals and families often have to make.  Congratulations to Team “Pac” on their victory and for not making decisions such as not to pay for rent, taxes, food / groceries and car insurance that doomed their competition!


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