Jumpstart Coalition of Minnesota — 2016 Annual Plan


This 2016 Annual Plan was developed by the Executive Committee of the Minnesota Jump$tart Coalition (”Coalition” or “MN Jump$tart,” used interchangeably) in order to provide an approach to the management of the Coalition’s operations and activities in 2016. The plan is informed by board input and the information and initiatives included emerged from a board planning retreat in November of 2014.


The Minnesota Jump$tart Coalition brings together individuals and organizations to improve the personal financial literacy of Minnesota’s Youth.

Background Statement/History

MN Jump$tart is part of the national Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy, which was founded in 1995. Minnesota’s first coalition was founded in the early 2000s.After an initial burst of activity, the Coalition was inactive until 2005, when a group of teachers and organizations came together to re-activate the Coalition. The Coalition developed over time and established four standing committees:  For K-12 Teachers,  For Parents,  For Young Adults, and For Legislators, as well as ad-hoc committees for Marketing, Events, Communication, and Member Engagement.

The Coalition annually hosts an event or conference in April of each year in celebration of National Financial Literacy month. Other events and activities have included networking events for partners, webinars for young adults, scholarships for teachers to attend the national conference, a young adult mentoring program, and more. The Coalition also maintains a website and social media vehicles to share information with members and others interested in financial education.

2016 Operations

Coalition activity will center on the 2016 Initiatives described below. The past standing committees (described above) will remain on hold for 2016. The Coalition’s audience continues to be all stakeholders involved in youth financial literacy. For 2016, target audience(s) may be further defined specific to each initiative’s activities.

2016 Initiatives

2016 Initiatives build on the work completed in 2015 which was a result of the Board’s planning retreat in November 2014. Working groups built around these initiatives will continue work in the year ahead, reporting progress to the Board as a whole at each Board meeting.

  1. Event: To host a premier financial education event for the Coalition’s network and those interested in financial literacy for youth that achieves MN Jump$tart’s mission and enables attendees to maximize their work in advancing financial literacy for MN Jump$tart’s key audiences.
  2. Networking: To be a venue, both in person and virtually, for the Coalition’s network and those interested in financial literacy for youth, to meet each other, to learn from each other, to share information.
  3. Social Media: To utilize social media vehicles (like Facebook and Twitter) to provide timely, relevant and useful information to the Coalition’s network and those interested in financial literacy for youth; and to drive viewers to the MN Jump$tart website for more deep and detailed information.
  4. Website: To develop a rich, relevant and robust website that serves as a source of reference, information and financial education materials for MN Jump$tart’s network  and those interested in financial literacy for youth.
  5. Governance and Nominating: To update and strengthen the Coalition’s administrative infrastructure to support Coalition operations and activities; and to ensure membership of the Board properly supports these activities.
  6. Program Governance: To establish a consistent and simple mechanism for the Coalition’s Board of Directors to consider endorsing – and supporting financially – financial education initiatives that target MN Jump$tart’s audiences (more information below)

2016 Program Initiatives

Program initiatives are program initiatives the Coalition has endorsed and supported in the past, and/or is considering endorsement/support moving forward.  2016 Programs Include:

  1. Teacher Scholarship Program (existing)
  2. Summer Teacher Financial Education Institute (existing)(
  3. Annual Financial Literacy Event (existing)


In the Fall of 2016, the Board will meet to evaluate progress on the 2016 initiatives, as well as to consider adopt ion of any new program initiatives or suggested directions.